Plains Tribune Election Analysis

Republican primary voters received 80% more votes than 8 years ago, Democratic primary voters down 20% from 4 years ago.

Hillary VP Pick

Kaine is a cough away from office. He has little management experience. Governors manage large groups of people and assets directly, more-so than Harvard Educated Senators like Kaine. In 2016 evidence abounds about secret societies and Ivy League institutions so voters will be skittish. Then, Having lost the gay vote to Trump and Milo after the Orlando shootings, Hillary's ties to Obama and Ivy League mystery give her less latitude of movement lest reasonable suspicions be confirmed about vast conspiracy, globalism and government. Kaine and Hillary will push a wildly socialist agenda to masses of unemployed and potentially impoverished demographics with no reasonable budget or plan. But most important, they will personally benefit from opening a gateway to South America by leveraging the domestic Latino vote. So, The RNC will heavily police polling locations to guarantee integrity of the vote since only legal citizens may vote in the election, and we have between 11 and 20 million illegal aliens in the country, more than enough to sway an election. Information Systems will play a pivotal role in detecting voter fraud, and I hypothesize that The US Military is closely watching the next vote. Note - Earlier this year, Congress voted to allow women to be drafted. That is all

Trump's Contract with America

1 - We will be a country of Generocity and warmth, law and order
2 - Crime and violence will come to an end, safety will be restored
3 - Assess state of nation, "audit", present facts plainly and honestly
4 - no political correctness, "honor" American people with the truth
5 - Fix trade deficit
6 - Prioritize American interests in foreign and domestic trade deals and domestic spending
7 - "Outline reforms" Millions in new jobs, and trillions in new wealth over powerful interests that have rigged the system for their exclusive benefit
8 - Cut off immigration from any country compromised by terrorism
9 - Correct trade agreements with China, disallowing currency manipulation, "cheaters"
10 - Repatriate funds to create domestic economic activity and manufacturing by lowering taxes
11 - Lift restrictions on production of American energy
12 - 20 trillion in job creating activity over the next 4 decades
13 - Will never put mining companies and steel workers out of business
14 - "Railways of tomorrow" with domestic energy profits
15 - Rescue kids from failing schools by allowing parents to send kids to schools of their choice
16 - Repeal Obamacare
17 - Charge the countries we are protecting, "their fair share"
18 - Take care of veterans, "doctor or hospital of their choice"
19 - Every department provides list of wasteful spending on projects that we can eliminate in first 100 days
That is all.