Spearfish City Limits Presents: Spearfish Council Update

Fri, 20 Nov 2020 19:32:09 UTC
For those of you that care about local politics (you all should) in Spearfish, we have some updates. It was pretty easy to obviate the underwhelming coordinated effort to justify forced mask wearing on the public in Spearfish. --- Spearfish On the Verge of Passing a Mask Mandate 11/16/2020 John Dale, Editor Spearfish Mayor and Council are on the verge of passing a mask mandate that "cannot be enforced". The enforcement control mechanism was revealed, however, when City manager Mike Harmon claimed local businesses can call police for "trespassers" not wearing masks. Safeway, a huge corporation, can garner control of our police department to enforce a city ordinance through a parallel pathway. In other words, control of our police department will be given to a large corporation. Fundamentally, this is fascistic. What this means: In order to ensure the safety of your food by picking it from the shelf yourself, you will be required to wear a mask. There is no evidence that casual mask wearing has any effect on the spread of viruses like the common cold (a coronavirus). If you are vulnerable, isolate and take extra precautions. False positive tests and mask campaigns spread fear and hysteria, creating more demand on hospital resources, increasing stress hormones, and reducing immunity. If this works for masks, it will be used for unproven vaccines, next. The criminals who created the pandemic, the hysteria, and profits will not get away with it if the pandemic subsides without wearing masks. What you can do: Customers: Only patronize businesses not requiring masks. Businesses: Promote honest doctors, scientists, and have courage. Another bioweapon may be coming, so supplement D3, C, and Zinc. Do not rely on masks (science says casual mask wearing does not stop viruses). Consume less sugar. Spread the word.