Spearfish City Limits Presents: The Big Picture

Fri, 05 Mar 2021 15:41:09 UTC
I CAN TAKE DOWN YOUR EMPIRE BECAUSE Boogers*. Explain .. immunity etc. IN CASE THERE IS SOMEONE OUT THERE WHO CAN TIE UP "In Aug 2014, Colombian authorities discovered 90 pounds of cocaine on a cargo ship owned by the Foremost Group, a Beijing-tied shipping company run by James Chao -- who happens to be Mitch McConnell's father-in-law, who gave "Cocaine" Mitch & his wife Elaine Chao a $25 mil "gift" -- Paul Sperry THIS WORLD DOESN'T OWE ME ANYTHING, BUT ENOUGH ALREADY They are forcing the right to monetize their own book publishing, media networks, social media tools, email distribution, webpage domains, bank capital access, means of financial exchange, communication technologies, law firms and professional companies. More self-sufficiency? Now, the daily caller says no book deals for the right from top Trump administrators. They know Trump's people are going to make a KILLING (maybe literally). CIA, DRUGS, AND THAT EMBARRASSING SIBLING Right now, what's surfacing is the generations of people raised by CIA drug money. It's embarrassing, and we'd like to try to ignore it. I'm not into all that clandestine anti-humanism. I'm the friend of the estranged cousin at the family reunion, and I'm not related to any of these people. A NEW GLASS CEILING On day 1, Biden unilaterally eviscerates women's sports. Any educational institution that receives federal funding must admit biologically-male athletes to women's teams, women's scholarships, etc. GROSS It really takes a sick kind of person to spend 4 years calling you a traitor and a racist and worse and then say they'll stop and accept you if you just agree to everything they want This is toxic relationship stuff CHINA COULD ASSUME IDENTITIES OF OUR LEADERS WITH DEEP FAKE How would we know? ANOTHER ROUTE TO THE PRESIDENCY This is fun to discuss to understand the process, not because I'm making any kind of prediction. This is a possible scenario, but very unlikely, and yet .. interesting as hell. 1. Trump runs for Congress in FL 2. Red Wave - Reps control House/Senate 3. Trump elected to Speaker of the House & Ted Cruz Senate Majority Leader 4. Impeach Biden and Kamala at the same time 5. Both removed 6. Speaker of House 3rd in line, so Trump Presidency begins '23 HOME RUN Bear with me .. "Nice tweet Sen. Cruz! Quick question: do you also believe the Geneva Convention was about the views of the citizens of Geneva?" -- AOC "By rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement, President Biden indicates he's more interested in the views of the citizens of Paris than in the jobs of the citizens of Pittsburgh. This agreement will do little to affect the climate and will harm the livelihoods of Americans." -- Ted Cruz "Pretending to not understand figurative speech is half of what passes as politics today." -- Scott Adams YOUR NEW DNI Haines dropped out and with her future husband purchased a bar in Fell's Point, Baltimore, which had been seized in a drug raid;[3] they turned the location into an independent bookstore and caf√©.[9] She named the store Adrian's Book Cafe, after her late mother; Adrian's realistic oil paintings filled the store.[9] The bookstore won City Paper's "Best Independent Bookstore" in 1997 and was known for having an unusual collection of literary offerings, local writers, erotica reading nights, and small press publications.[10] Adrian's hosted a number of literary readings, including erotica readings, which became a media focus when she was appointed by President Obama to be the Deputy Director of the CIA.[11][12] She served as the president of the Fell's Point Business Association until 1998.[13] PMS TESTS Have you heard of these? They've started making them mandatory before every white house press conference .. 9 journalists were banned from entrance, and we had the most civil, productive press conference in years. When I was at Standing Rock the day after Jesse Jackson was there. In preparation for our trip , I read up on the rules of camp. One of the rules was that if you were "on your moon" you weren't allowed around the ceremonial camp fire. PMS energy is wicked, evil energy that will poison otherwise good things. It is a great responsibility that women have to contain the fallout of their hormones, just like it is a man's great responsibility to take his beating when he tells her to calm down. Just kidding. That is assault. And why you cannot be around the ceremonial camp fire. POLITICAL FEAR Politicians fear that I oppose them. They don't fear me implicitly, they don't quake when I enter the room, or have respect for my wealth. But they fear me. Why? They don't really fear me .. they fear my opposition. The secret to understanding why - and you can adapt this to your life as well - is they don't fear me, but my information. When I stand up to oppose them, they know they're about to be embarrassingly wrong about something, and I have noticed. I never go on the attack .. don't go on the attack. Don't make it personal. It's not personal. Lets just get things correct. That's my mentality, and I'm not going to let something go so a politician can save face. KILLER! As of 1/22, since Joe Biden was sworn in, 8,529 people have died from Covid. That's like if 40 full size passenger planes just suddenly fell out of the sky. This president is an absolute disaster. ELECTION ADVICE from Cerno 1. Go to Ballotpedia. 2. Check the district's last two elections. 3. If there's more than a 10% difference in votes between Democrat and Republican candidates, you're about to get SCAMMED. 4. Donate to charity instead. Spend your money helping to elect a School Board member. Would be FAR more impactful. In fact that's just good advice overall. Don't like what's being taught at school? Congress can't do anything but go on Hannity. School Board can change curriculum. PRIVACY CERTIFIED How do you know if someone is doing the bidding of these evil overlords. Install Brave browser, and see how many alerts are generated. I AM HERE TO EARN YOUR TRUST In my region, I am the major domo. I'm the postmaster. You know who I am, where I live, and a lot more about me from the time we spend together. RATIO'D 133 million registered voters in the US in 2020. There were 74 million votes for Trump, whose rallies were off the hook. There were 84 million votes for Biden (supposedly). 74+81 - what does it equal. I'll give you a moment, and remind you that there are only 133 million registered voters in the US. 155. It's 155 million. If you subtract the difference from Biden's total and assume 100% voter participation, Biden only got less than 60,000,000 votes, which would make sense give his rally sizes and overall enthusiasm for his presidency. I'm afraid you Biden supporters will have to come to terms with the fact that Biden is signing fake laws right now. Sorry. Not sorry. PARTING SHOT from the NYT Military intelligence has been purchasing location data from commercially available databases and using it to keep tabs in US citizens without a warrant. BRING YOUR COMMUNITY TOGETHER Let's keep finding common ground - bicycles, business, food, profit religion, americana, history, debate, truth. I think it's time, perhaps most important, that we confront the 800 lb gorilla in the room. How unlikely and strange it is that humans can exist .. and are self aware. Life on this planet is special. War is a failing score for the human experiment. -- Rap/riff on this if you're feeling it -- ARE THEY TELLING THE TRUTH? "Biden said he won't cancel student debt above $10,000 because he doesn't want to bail out students from elite colleges. Just 0.3% of student loans are from Ivy League schools. 12% are from all top-tier schools. Rich people don't go into debt for college." The real reason they don't want to empower the American people with a good economy is that they want to avoid the blow-back (look what Americans did with $600). MCDONALDS IS A SHIT SANDWICH AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED I have an opinion on McDonalds, and it goes like this: it's tasty and I've eaten a lot of it because like the economy they are everywhere, underperforming, and cheaply construed. McDonalds is the dirty whore of the food world. They know it and you know it and I know it. Imagine if McDonalds started serving sprout sandwiches and lemonade. What does that do to the health and vitality performance of our country? Instead, we're getting (leave space) delightful shit sandwiches. Brightly photographed fecal petas. Delicious turd viddles. Rabbit and deer pebble chocolate. Crap candy. A veritable shit shish kabob. The ol' fart fettuccini. Fade out on windy lettuce. PARTING SHOT: TYRANTS "Any excuse will serve a tyrant." -- Aesop MEAT!? There is a plan to clone meat from celebrities for sale on the open market .. within the process to grow the food product .. is cockroaches. BOMBING IN SYRIA ON DAY 36 Delivered with empathy and compassion by a diverse cabinet. CATALITIC CONVERTERS SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO.com) ‚?? Sioux Falls Police says crooks are crawling under vehicles and cutting off the catalytic converters. Officer Sam Clemens says the catalytic converters have some semi-precious metals in them. They are then often sold on the internet. Clemens says there were six reports of thefts over the weekend. Over the past months, Clemens says there have been between 40 and 50 thefts. He says they are hard to investigate as they don't have serial or model numbers on them. Clemens says if you see someone crawling under a car, call the police. CAPITOL RIOTS The FBI has identified a Capitol rioter named William Robert Norwood who was pretending to be Antifa based on dress and behavior who testified that Capitol police helped him as they told him they supported his anti-Trump cause. * There is no remote Northeastern booger eating tribe of Norway.