Homeschooling in the Black Hills

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Homeschooling in the Black Hills is a PushPage site (contact us for more info on what a PushPage is, how to get one and how to contribute) to find information related to homeschooling, especially related to our experience with homeschooling.
We will have new articles posted from from time to time about all sorts of things related to curriculum, techniques, books, local/state/national events, activities, household tips, recipes, other great sites, resources and more.  Hopefully it will also be a place to find local meet-ups.  If you are interested in that please contact us.

We hope to see you back regularly.

Thanks, The Dale Family

Image of Spearfish Canyon by John Dale.  Sunflower watercolor image by pikisuperstar on Freepik.  Sunflower background image by wirestock on Freepik
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