Trump Won

John Dale, Editor, Plains Tribune


On September 12, 2018, President Trump signed executive order 13848. He observed a tired and embattled American populace. He worked with his recalcitrant executive team and signed the order to kick-off a sting operation for the ages. A critical paragraph of the order reads as follows:

the proliferation of digital devices and internet-based communications has created significant vulnerabilities and magnified the scope and intensity of the threat of foreign interference, as illustrated in the 2017 Intelligence Community Assessment. I hereby declare a national emergency to deal with this threat.

Reminiscent of old school Alabama football, President Trump called the play in public. He signaled to the globalist forces frantically gnashing at the integrity of The United States, "we're going to run it up the middle, and we're going to score a touchdown." The President believed that patriotic Americans were bigger, faster, stronger, more observant, and they held the moral high ground. He felt they could win.

The order stated something very important about transmission of collected evidence.

Nothing in this order shall prevent the head of any agency or any other appropriate official from tendering to the President, at any time through an appropriate channel, any analysis, information, assessment, or evaluation of foreign interference in a United States election.

Under immense pressure and with over a year of lead time, the President and his team prepared for the election fraud as best they could. He endured fraudulently articulated phone calls (Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA)), impeachment hoaxes, fabricated Russian dossiers (Steele, Papadopoulos), and a feckless and entitled son-in-law whispering in his ear. President Trump was forced to relent late in his first term under duress from death threats emanating from within the President's defense perimeter.

Activities relating to election theft were collected by members of the President's team. Evidence was collected in real-time and rolled-up the chain and stored for future use. Given the levels of judicial corruption in many jurisdictions, is it possible, even reasonable to assume that the election was setup to demonstrate the size of the problem and ensnare the guilty?

Until 2020, never in the history of our national elections had counting votes been halted.

Who gave that order? For those following the story closely and for those who had read the executive order, the order to stop counting votes was anticipated. The hypotheses were confirmed. They were actually proceeding with the theft plan setup by the China Virus. In order to justify mail-in ballots, the criminal cabal needed a barrier between voters and the polls. The pandemic provided just such a barrier.

Totals when counts were halted were as follows:

At approximately 4:00 am on November 4th, with the majority of Americans sound asleep, the delivery trucks arrived at counting locations. Boxes containing thousands of ballots mysteriously and as predicted catapulted Biden into the lead in key battleground states. Claims from Biden's deep state parroted, "[they were simply legitimate mail-in ballots]", but as the evidence was collected the vision of fraud became legion. As the courage of state officials waned in the face of stiff threats from globalist criminal cartels, the entire US body politic found a proverbial horse head in its bed the next morning.

Understand the brazenness of the act.

What followed was an unprecedented gaslighting campaign through the mainstream media, through social media, and through direct weaponized peer to peer coercion. An attempt was being made to make the world believe it did not see what it saw. Despite attorneys and other credible witnesses to the theft being on-site and taking evidence similar to the Red Owl Collective at Standing Rock, the totalitarian media push was a test. Was the corporato-fascistic model installed by a cartel of global corporate actors through the decades mature enough to pull off the heist of the aeon?

For over a hundred years the flow of information between free people of the world has been slowly perverted. It has been polluted with propagandized movie scripts, hyper-sexualized commercial interruptions, and with endless flows of fiat currency greasing the palms of networks of crooks. These Snidely Whiplashes were born and bred for one purpose; subvert freedom in America to pave the way for a takeover without having to fight like men.

What American would not vote for America First?

A simple forensic analysis of the timeline reveals an overtly sloppy operation. It convinces the reader that Biden did not win. A countrywide black clad assault on small businesses in opportunity zones distracted the good guys as a psychological bio warfare terror operation engulfed America's bravest activists. This provided cover to bring in mail-in ballots. Mail-in ballots are notoriously easy to cheat and difficult to audit without sophisticated preparation. Compromised voting machines transmitted vote totals to cartel headquarters to inform the operations team about how many fake votes were needed. Good guys overseeing the counts were removed, the fraudulent ballots were delivered, then they were counted, then the audit trail was obfuscated or destroyed.

The destruction of evidence alone is enough to decertify the election. There is a reason we keep those ballots around for twenty-two months.

The world's great hope for freedom was engaged in a winking war of hidden-hand weapons. The mainstream media squelched the terrified screams of the public. Thousands submitted signed affidavits. Teams of information technology forensic freelancers gathered Internet evidence. The chain of custody of ballots was broken in key counties. Forensic audits produced troves of evidence clearly indicating widespread fraud in key counties in multiple states. Republican poll watchers were forcibly removed from vote counting rooms in Pennsylvania as one man put cardboard over the windows. The cardboard was used to block the view of determined binocular clad observers. A fake report about a water main break was the precursor to stop counting in Georgia. There was no water main break, just a leaky urinal. Evidence mounted in Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Georgia as officials scurried to run out the twenty-two month clock governing ballot retention. Hundreds of thousands became conspiracy theorists by November 5th while a legion of questioning Americans grew in the months following the heist.

America's post-election keystone cops got a break in Arizona recently. It was confirmed that over a million records were deleted from voting machines the day before they machines were handed over for audit as demanded by the Arizona Senate.

The fix was in, and we can't blame the criminals for working so hard to cover it up. It's treason. It's punishable by death. The more Hillary Clinton's network came under investigation, the greater the body count became, and the more the situation escalated out of control as the cover-up got weirder.

Why delete those records on Arizona voting machines if the election had integrity? Did Smartmatic - the election technology company thought to have subverted the election in Venezuela - really begat Dominion? Now, slowly and painfully, America's keystone cops are being reorganized into a posse as thunderous hooves can be heard echoing off the Rocky Mountains.

Beating Hillary Clinton in late 2016 required massive turn-out for America. Arguably, 2016 was the only free and fair national election result in modern US history. The 2020 election, however, drew-out every possible criminal technique to stitch the facade of victory. Unfortunate for the criminals, it was like a woman beating her brother bloody in front of the entire trailer park. The veil of secrecy is gone. Assuming the US is not completely destroyed in the aftermath, the evidence is there for the main stream media to report. Deep divisions have formed, but without massive post-election population reduction the numbers are asymmetric in favor of "America First" patriots.

Does the US have the appetite for this?

In a futile effort to help Clinton's campaign, Google even censored "Clinton Body Count". Perversion of taxpayer funded Internet searches is stunning to those who thought they could trust Google, but the lengths to which an exposed criminal will go to avoid the guillotine make our situation dangerous and tenuous at best. The Whiplash cartel is desperate like they are being driven with whips and under threats of death from abroad. Could it be that they need protection, too? With the power of taxpayer funded multinational information systems conglomerates behind the criminals, the outcome is not guaranteed. It will take a hard fight to win this hill. It will also take the right people being in charge of the strategic vision. Doing things correctly means maintaining the moral high ground. As long as we rely on a surveillance state to inform our policy, we have no moral high ground. Treating people like prisoners turns them into criminals. Without providing a basic level of respect for the privacy of our citizens - a fireable offense in the US Information Technology industry - the US will continue to shoot its pony in the back of the head. When their every move is spied upon, even the best people understandably will turn evil.

Why continue to manufacture the problem we purport to solve with this fight?

During their second presidential debate, then citizen Donald Trump said the words that inspired the legions of abused Americans, "You'd be in jail." Americans are in jail now, however. The prison bars are digital, but with the election fraud evidence mounting a pack of proverbial dynamite has been tossed into the cell. It is unlit and accompanied by a book of matches. If we set it on the windowsill and light it we may escape, but we'll have to endure the blast and the fallout. A very tough pill to swallow, nontechnical Americans must acknowledge and reward America's computer nerds who were reluctantly sold out to India, Pakistan, the Eastern Block, Indonesia, Canada, London and China. America first technologists did not build or create this monster. It was created by nontechnical aristocrats - plump and haphazard sovereigns - intoxicated with an inflated sense of technological abilities. They were holding whips over hapless H1B workers from other s-hole countries. They spied on American engineers and stole their ability to accumulate capital and mount the country's defenses. Then, horrifically, our sovereigns left the barn door open, they failed to close the gate, and they extended an open an invitation for globalists to finish planning, then execute the great consternation we see today.

So, with dawn breaking, before it is too late, do we light the fuse?


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